What if there was one man who spent over 15 years diligently studying the art of sexually satisfying the female body? Would that intrigue you? Could such a man understand ‘your’ private and intimate needs? Might his skills surpass your wildest expectations for a sexually skilled man? Do you wish your partner was such a man?

One man, in Seattle, made it his mission to understand the intricacies of the female Psycho-physiology to a degree that he could systematically train unskilled men to be phenomenal without ever knowing anything about the men’s female partners.

It’s okay to be skeptical. You’ve heard all kinds of promises about sex that were frankly bullshit. People (not just men) embellish about sex and satisfaction to guard their egos. Young people more so than older people. But a time comes when bullshit doesn’t pass in the bedroom any longer. This often results in a degradation of frequency and connection and it usually gets worse from there. As a relationship crumbles, (if it’s about poor quality sex) the options are few. Go separate ways or become authentic about what’s ‘not’ happening.

This man chose the latter, (even though his partner chose the former.) How could one not see how to be good at sex? It’s intuitive right? Just get her aroused and give her that fine specimen of manhood. It always works for him. Why would she not be satisfied? Etc. Nothing in our culture intervenes to redirect this sexual collision course with ignorance. In every other realm of our existence we coach each other when things are not quite right (You have something on your tooth there.) But if you are a clown in bed, even your partner may let you get away with that.

That said, one man put his ego on hold for 15 years and sought the answers to questions like these?
-What did you like about that experience?
-What did you dislike about that experience?
-What could he do differently to improve that experience?
-What was the most exciting thing anyone has ever done to you?

This was just the beginning though. Verbal questions like these soon interfered with the pleasure part of the experience. How might one obtain positive or corrective feedback without asking? Might women emit clues of pleasure or displeasure? And if so could other men be taught to read such clues?

I know, I can hear you now, Duh. Of course, you’ve been twisting, contorting, pushing, pulling and gyrating all these years trying to “show” us what to do or get us to the “right spot.” And do you want to hear what we were thinking? “I wish you would hold still so I can do that amazing thing I do for you.” Then when you finally get to that orgasm you fought so hard to get (or fake) we add another check to our skill scorecard. I apologize for every man who doesn’t get it. The sad truth is men can have an equally unpleasant experience with women. No one in our culture is immune to an ego that convinces us that we are better than we really are. But that is a subject of another article.

So this man experiments on women’s willing bodies in search of clues. What does this body like? Oh goose bumps, that’s a good sign. That gasp, that gyration, that jolt just before you cum are dull in comparison to seeing your vagina slam shut with pleasure, or your clitoris shotgun and squirm back to its root. But having these clues and more is still not enough.

This man had to understand the many things men do wrong and edit these bad techniques from the experiment sessions. He had to not have 1 or 2 or 5 or 10, but 100’s of mysterious touches, pinches, twists, grasps, squeezes, pulls, spreads, strokes, circles, pressures, tickles, surprises and techniques that keep you guessing, that ignite your senses, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. He had to discover how these little bits of pleasure, miles from the core of your body came from or went back to your pussy.

This man needed to know how to read every signal, find spots you didn’t even know were exciting, omit unpleasant contact, flirt with the most pleasant, temporarily deprive your immediate cravings and basically determine how to play your body like a symphony. Then practice this and more on hundreds of discouraged women to see if confidence might be restored to the male gender.

It was a daunting task but somebody had to do it so your partner might stumble upon it and unleash it on your unsuspecting body.
This website is where this man will share the results of some incredible experiments.

Stay tuned (book mark us, Follow us, Like us, Share us, use us, abuse us, cum all over us)…

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