Savor the experience of touch.


Escape from the hustle and bustle of all of your to-do’s and allow me to transport your senses to another dimension. Your skin covers 100% of your being and your nerve endings await patiently and diligently in every square millimeter of your skin. When was the last time someone wrote on your back or ran their fingers through your hair? Your Senses love attention and I love to provide it I don’t see you as a bunch of muscles that need pressure and release (like Licensed Massage Practitioners). That is big brothers menu for you. I seek to elicit goose bumps, tingling, and downright delicious feelings that you experience mostly at the surface of your skin or scalp. I use (new) combs, hair brushes, makeup brushes, feather dusters, scratchers, beads, and other assorted objects to awaken sensations you may have forgotten or didn’t even know about. Once your external senses are revived, squeezing, sliding, kneading strokes feel even better to the muscles. Again, not as specific muscle attention, but more as pressure and touch for pleasure as opposed to therapy. We crave and need touch. Partners may fulfill some needs for touch, therapeutic massage may fulfill others. I provide an assortment of delicious sensations, delivered with mystery and creativity.

Have a particular theme, request, or suggestion? Please let me know. I love to customize your experience!

You choose your level of cover or attire, Traditional sheet or towel with draping, or au naturel

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